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SR20 Trigger Issue at 6000 RPM


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I've recently installed a G4X Fury ecu into an s13 silvia with sr20de (distributor igniton). Started tuning the car and all was well until the rpm signal was lost around 6000. Ive checked and don't believe there are any limits active. When a run was logged, a trigger 1 error occured at the time when the rpm signal was lost. I'm wondering if the ecu is not seeing the correct amount of teeth at this rpm because of the high tooth count of the Nissan sensor combined with its age, or potentially another problem.

The sensor is wired as shown in the help file, to sensor ground. I did read another post where someone suggested changing this to engine block ground as is apprarently factory. 

I have attatched the log file with the rpm signal lost and trigger 1 error, and two trigger scopes, one at idle and one at 5000 rpm.

If anyone could provide any feedback, that would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


PC Datalog - 2022-06-22 7;59;17 pm.llgx trigger scope 5k.llgx trigger scope idle.llgx

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When the Nissan CAS's start to give drama at high RPM it is usually the optical part of it getting slow, so as RPM gets higher the width of the slots that the ecu sees effectively get shorter and shorter until the count falls outside of the tolerance. 

The easiest fix is usually just to replace the disc with one of the after market 24 slot discs.  Sometimes fitting a stronger pull-up resistor will help with the stock disc.    

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3 hours ago, KennyJ said:

i've had this a few times , aem cas disc 100% fixes this

be carefull , sr20 rockers take every chance to go flying

ive played this game too.  Most recent round, the aem disc didnt fix the problem and actually made it worse.  The solution was as adam described, needed new optical pickup.

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