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Wiring a Atom to run holden v6

Denton Hodgkinson

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Having trouble working out how to wire the atom to run a Holden V6 with 4 wire crank sensor and no cam sensor. I was looking at using the factory coil pack. As it in a stockcar there is no injection being used. 

Any help would be awesome 


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DFI Module pin C - connect to Link Trig 1.

DFI pin F - Not connected

DFI pin B (bypass), connect to Link 5V pin.

DFI pin A connect to Link Ign 1.

DFI Pin L to Link pin A7 (Shield/Gnd).

DFI pin P to +12V.

DFI pin K to Ground.

2 x crank sensors connected to DFI module pins N, M, J, H, G, as per factory wiring. 


ECU settings:

Trig mode Multi tooth.  18 teeth, multitooth postn crank.  Hall/opto, pull-up on, rising edge

Trig 2 sync mode None.

Ignition mode distributor, spark edge falling.  


Dwell table:



Be aware you cant use ignition cut for rev limiting with the GM ign module.  



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