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R33 hall sensor trigger issue


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Is anyone able to post for me images of the correct set up for my rb25 for using the following? 

im having scattered timing and sometimes no start and backfires. 
I’ve been over it over 10 times and can not work out where the issue is, I have also checked trigger scope and this seems to be fine. 

trigger one, 992 cherry effect hall sensor with 36-2 teeth in one place, crank wheel, with out using resistor.

trigger 2, is a cam key, shorter black 3wire hall sensor, also without using resistor.  

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Hi, I will have to wait now till next week as I’ve had neighbours noise complaints,
but I have looked over the file and I had iat at 120c and fuel correction table on, so this will probably explain the lean condition. But ignition correction off.

the trigger is Ross damper, and commercial cam one. 
im also unable to send you the tune copy atm as I have issues connecting to internet. 

another thing that I haven’t changed is the ignition delay which was set to 45 so it could be due to this. 

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