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EVO IX Direct Spark Question.


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Hey all, been a minute since i last posted anything but i have a question in relation to the evo 9 ignition system.

So i have a LinkG4X plug and play unit for my evo 9. The evo 9 uses a factory wasted spark system with 2 coils to control all 4 cylinders. I have a SpoolinUP Coil on plug kit but this is not a direct spark system, this still operates as the wasted spark system but has 4 individual coils. The spoolin up cop kit uses 4 coils that are plugged into the factory coil plugs.

My question is,,, Is there a way to convert this Coil on plug kit to a real direct spark system with the link. I feel like this is possible, im just not sure how to go about it. There are only two ignition plugs from the factory harness and only two receiving plugs for the cop kit. 

If i were to seperate the wiring from all of the coils and make them individual would i just run two coils to the factory plugs and then have to wire in the other two to the link or would there be more work needed.

Let me know what you guys think i appreciate it!

Also car has ran great as is, I would just like the ability to control ignition on individual cylinders rather then two at a time with the waste spark system..

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On the evo 9 ecu the ignition outputs 3 & 4 are originally used for the fuel pump and fan.  So you need to shuffle a few wires around to move the fuel pump and fan to spare outputs to free up ign 3 &4.  Then run new trigger wires from ecu up to coil 3 & 4.

Be aware however in a typical performance road car engine there is not a lot to gain from going to direct spark Vs wasted.  It is not until you get up to quite high RPM (~9000+) that wasted spark may start to be a restriction.  Coils may run a bit hotter and therefore give a shorter life when used wasted compared to direct spark, but thats really the only negative.  

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