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g4x e36x wiring q's


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Got the Link connected and the car running.

The m50 is in an e30 with a Holset hx55, and just has a modified stock chipped ECU, stock injectors, 4psi WG spring. The o2 feedback tot he stock ECU was/is non-functional as it sits, so there is no narrow-band, even at the moment.

Already installed is an AEM 35-8560 Failsafe just being used to monitor boost/AFR. The e36x pinout shows that AN Volt 3 is already set up for oxy sensor, so is it just as simple as running the 5v reference from the AEM to the stock o2 input?

Also, the stock m50 has a cheesy IAT in the intake manifold. I'd like to put a new one in the charge pipe, so this should be another easy one? Swap the pigtail for the sensor connector, change the settings in Link?

Just want to make sure before poking around.



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