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Aftermarket Tacho not getting signal


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after market tacho help?

wondering if someone can shed some light on what I may have missed or wired incorrectly ?

have a Mk 1 TT and running a TTlink plug and play.

I have located the wire in the harnes that is AUX1 - Tacho and spliced (Teed) into the wire that goes in pin 37

I have wired it up as per figure B in attached photos,but

I have no rev signal? power to tacho and light to tacho work but it appears the rev signal doesnt as the needed does not move.

does it matter that it has been spliced into the wire (meaning both new tacho and factory one still connected) as the factory tacho is not working. should I have disconnected the factory one and just had the new tacho wired to pin 37?


now its all connected does AUX 1 - tacho need to be turned on through linkpc?

any help will be great

Screenshot 2022-07-04 210039.jpg

Screenshot 2022-07-04 210002.jpg


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Since the factory one didnt work on pin 37 either, then the first thing I would do is remove that original wire - it is possibly shorted to ground or something.  .  

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