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G4x Monsoon - SR16VE VVL Neo cutting out


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Hey guys


I have recently got my race car going with a sr16 vvl neo with g4x monsoon and haven't been able to get it to rev to 9000rpm before cutting out and having to reset the ecu by turning master switch off and on again. Have had it on the dyno and the tuner didn't know what to do to fix it. Thought someone here may have an idea. I have attached the tune and a small log file.



Tune with second stock cam Dale.pclx

Short run.csv

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You have a lot of trigger errors at high RPM.  Not hugely uncommon with SR's when the optical sensor gets old the rise/fall time gets slow.  The easiest fix is to replace the CAS disc with one of the common aftermarket 24 slot discs.

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