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Hall Sensor Wiring

Gti-r 91

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Hey, I'm fairly new to wiring and only doing it because no one in my area wants to go anywhere near it. I'm trying to wire in a Taarks GTI-r Hall sensor into a G4+Fury. Want to double check I'm wiring the following correctly

Pin 1 (12v+Filtered) to Pin 5 B Loom (14V Aux)

Pin 2 (GND ECU) to Pin 34 B Loom (Ground)

Pin 3 (Home/Sync) to Pin 9 A Loom (Trigger 2)

Pin 4 (Trigger) to Pin 8 A Loom (Trigger 1)

With the Shield wire do I run a wire to Pin 7 A Loom (Shield/Ground) or is it just a wire ran along side/over the top of one of the sensor wires?



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There is filtered 8V on Fury pin A6 designed for hall sensors, so I would connect your hall red wire to that.

The black should go to sensor ground, Typically for trigger sensors the shield and the ground are spliced together near the ecu and connected to ECU pin A7.

Your green and white connections are correct.

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I dont know what they are on about, no common ECU has a filtered 12V output.  Link has an 8V, Haltech have 8V, Old Motec have 8V, new Motec only have 6.3V...

Taarks instructions show it connected to the standard nissan CAS plug which is straight from the main relay - not filtered at all, so I would do that - just connect to the main supply that goes to A5. 

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