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R35 coil wire size

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I have a 4age 20v with r35 coils.

The wiring that came with the coils has two 18awg feed wires. But I am using an autosport bulkhead connector that I need to get the feeds through but it only takes 20awg wire.


1. Can I split the two 18awg down to four 20awg wires?

2. Can I run one 20awg wire per cylinder from the connector? Or is that too small.

3. Probably a little dodgy, but trim three strands off to fit the 18awg wires into the connector.


The wire length will be 300mm for cylinder one, and about 200mm for cylinder 4. The after the connector they will go to the full size if the 14v feed



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Those coils will pull about 14A for a short time at full saturation.  But unless you are running very high boost you will probably only need half of that.  

Remember you only have 1 coil pulling current at a time, so you only need to allow for that.  So two 20awg power supply wires in parallel up to the coils, then splice out to 4 from there.  i.e you want 2 x 20 AWG supplies and the 4 coil wires all in the same splice - not one 20AWG supply spliced to two coils each.

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