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Setting dual RPM limits

Jo LeForce

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I need to set dual RPM limit tables (switchable). I have dual fuel/ignition tables, the 2nd set is for low oct fuel, I'd like a lower rev limit for low oct tables #2. The GP RPM limit 1&2 can't seem to be assigned to a digital input like the dual fuel/ignition tables, so I'm not sure how they are activated!

Also, when any of the GP RPM limits is enabled, it only yields a 3D RPM limit table, never a 2D!   

I'd appreciate your advice

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If you set the main RPM limit to "3D" mode you will then get a new option to enable dual tables that can be switched using a DI.

To turn any 3D table into a 2D, right click>axis set up>set one of the axes to "none".



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