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Crazy high Iat, bad sensor?


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hey guys so a while ago I finally got my car swapped over to speed density, after doing some logs I seen the Iat temps were super high at 190-210 at times. I first thought maybe these were accurate as I had a rather large turbo trying to get cooled by a stock sidemount intercooler that is pretty pathetically small so I decided to get my front mount intercooler put on. well I finally got the car back and after doing some logs nothing changed at all. The sensor I used was a Holley 534-20, and I have my calibration set to delphi ac iat. Not sure if maybe I have the wrong calibration but there is definitely no way my Iat is actually at 200 degrees now. Other then buying a new sensor ( because I already will be doing that, going to get a rife fast response ) what are some other things I could check or test to get this fixed? pics of new intercooler for reference. 





and here is the map and log ( I know it needs a lot of work but with the issue im having its fighting me )





thanks for any and all help guys !

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  • 2.0L_turbo changed the title to Crazy high Iat, bad sensor?

Your IAT is wrong as well as your ECT. 

ECT instead of climbing, is dropping.

Your wheel speed is all over the place..

Fuel temp is 32F.. it should also be rising a bit. 


Easiest way to test this on cold engine..

Your IAT, ECT, Fuel temps should all read pretty much the same. 


I'd check grounds and connections.. as I think all 3 are related. 

Go back and test each sensor one by one.


This might be related to your 5V out as it seems to be moving from 4.994 to 5.002.

I know its not a big jump.. but as compared to mine it stays at 4.99 constantly. 

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