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Base maps injector timming


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I´m calibrating a 1.8T 20 V AEB Engine and I´m using  Link TT 1.8T Basemap as starting reference. 

I would like to know what criteria have been used to determinate optimun BTDC on this engines. Settings are 330 deg BTDC (Finish angle injection).

I´ve done some calcs according with OEM cams profiles and considering 1mm of lift the point "opening" or "closing", it will finish injection 40 degs after exhaust closing and 12 degs after intake opening.

So depending on rpm and load, injection pulse will take place on open valve or closed valve. On invented idle (1000rpm) I stimated 18 degs of injection for 3ms  so it would take most of the injection period while intake valve is opened (suitable for cold starting)

Do you think this injection timming from base map is best posible por my oem cam application. What about torque?? I use the car just for track

Thank you very much

1.8t cam profile.png

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It will be in the ballpark.  It will mostly make a difference at idle and very light loads, once your injector DC is above about 30% the timing makes very little difference in most cases.  You can find the best injector timing at idle by shifting the timing forward or back until the richest lambda is reached, this is your optimum timing.  

In most cases the best EOI will be somewhere before the intake valve opens, but overlap, resonance, injector location, spray pattern and reversion effects make every engine a bit different.

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