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Need early tuning module / handheld keypad to program G1 LEM ECU.


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HELP. I am running a G1 LEM on Subaru boat engine and need a tuning module to access the settings. My particular LEM is not compatible with PCLink software.

Anyone out there willing to part with a tuning module? Borrow, rent or purchase. Once I get the data out of the LEM I intend to upgrade boat to a G2 LINKPLUS unit I have. 

Anyone have an alternate way to get data out of a pre-PCLink ECU?     It was state of the art back in 2004 when it was installed.........


Thanks in advance,


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The last person I remember that had one for sale on this forum was @neil brown.  Im sure I remember someone in one of the facebook groups offering one also but I had a search around and I cant find it. 

Having said that, I wouldnt be too worried about getting your data out of the G1 for the Link plus, it is a pretty simple engine and you dont have a lot of settings in these old ecu's to start from scratch..   

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