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Sync sensor for a 4AGE 16 valve


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I have a 4AGE currently running an Atom G4+ that I'm intending to upgrade to a Fury G4X.  It's currently configured to run wasted spark and as part of the upgrade I'm intending to change to COP and sequential.  Ideally I'd like not to run the distributor so I'm looking for ideas to provide a sync signal with the distributor deleted.  I've seen a few discussions regarding reading a cam lobe.  I guess it might also be possible to read a magnet in the cam wheel although access to the back of the cam wheel would be pretty difficult given the cam cover design so the sensor would probably have to be mounted in the front.  I understand that the G4X ecu's can also use a vacuum sensor from one of the intake runners.  That sounds like an option that won't require too much engineering but I'm wondering how reliable it would be given the engine runs a plenum rather than itb's.  Has anyone tried something similar and did you find that worked?  Thanks

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MAP sync with a 4 Cyl even fire engine needs to be from a single port with ITB's.  

For the sync it is common to keep just the distributor base with a billet cap or similar to cover it.   

You you could possibly use some of the distributor body & drive system to make something much more compact.  For example like this MSD one that uses a distributor "stalk" with a sensor pointing at a magnet in the shaft. 



Or maybe something like this 2JZ kit:



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