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AEM x series CAN setup


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Hi all 

looking to run my AEM x series lambda on my New monsoon setup, being I'm more used to wiring things rather than CAN setup Im a bit unsure on the can setup needed to get the x series talking.

have also got a Link CAN gauge running on CAN with that setup as channel 1 transmit generic dash (can set the gauge config to 500kbit/s so looks like it will work with the 500kbit/s needed  for the x series) have got the gauge setup and working currently on my atom at 1Mbit/s

Im assuming  need to setup  channel 2 to  receive the  data stream something like this 



where im not sure with the can setup  is what i need to setup in streams and the ID of the x series, heres the info from the x series



any help much appreciated

cheers Drew

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Iv probably answered my own questions , I should look in the obvious place 1st and follow the help file setup :rolleyes: 

assuming my x series controller  is set as ID 0 i believe the following should work have loaded the AEM x series streams, will see how it goes when I get the wiring finished off and get to testing.



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