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JZX100 PNP - No RPM/Cranking Trigger when cranking


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Hi all,

Apologies if I miss any information, relatively new to this!

The car was running prior to swapping the Link PCB over to the casing with no issues. I have installed the PCB, setup the TPS, IAT, MAP sensors albeit when cranking the ECU does not show RPM nor does the Trig1/Trig2 runtime value change from "No" to "Yes". There are no Trig1 errors either if that is any use.

Everything is stock on the car currently with just a different turbo, no MAF and IAT sensor in the cold side of the piping (wires taken from MAF plug as per Link instructions).

See attached Trigger Scope test which shows signals so assume I maybe havent set something up correctly. Also attached in the map file. I would attach the trigger scope log but when I reopen after saving it shows no information?

All INJ & IGN auxillary displays are showing as "Inactive" when cranking. Can anyone shed any knowledge to as whether any settings are incorrect or if my setup is wrong.

Thanks in advance.



Trigger Test.PNG

JZX100 7 BAR.pclx

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