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350z Plugin Fault code 77


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Hi All, 

trying to get a supercharged 350z up and running, I have auto calibrated tps and ethrottle.  Seems to track ok for a minute then hits fault code 77 aps(main) / aps (sub) tracking error. 


I have attached a log file, error occurs just before the end of the log..


any help would be appreciated

throttle error PC Datalog - 2022-08-4 1;19;11 pm.llgx

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APS sub and main should folllow each other very closely, usually when you look at the together on a log they will be right on top of each other.  A section of your log where it failed is below, at the left hand end where I have placed the purple box you can see APS sub and main are pretty close to each other (although not as good as they should be).  However near the middle of the graph where I have marked with a red box you can see the green trace (APS sub) has started to become erratic and no longer matches APS main at all.  You can see the APS error accumulator at the bottom start to count up which means the ECU is not happy about the amount of error between them - however it then comes right after you lift off.  Further to the right you can see they no longer match at all and the accumulator rockets up to 100% so safety mode is initiated.  

I would say the sensor is failing or possibly a loose connection somewhere.  Set up your laptop on the drivers seat or something so you can look at aps sub & main on the screen, then get under the dash and wiggle/shake/yank the wiring as much as you can to see if that shows any connection issues, otherwise I would replace the sensor.  



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Thankyou for your help, 

I didn't think of the yank the wire method while watching the data, will try that next. 

We already have another throttle body on the way,  but it probably be more likely to be the pedal sensor if the wiring checks out im guessing. 

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