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Question about output triggers for relays.


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Hi there - 

I am wiring a chassis harness for a race car with a link ECU. I need to run a relay trigger for the fuel pump, waterpump, and electric fans. I wired in outputs from the ecu to the trigger wires on the relays for each item. When in test mode, the relays do not trigger. These relays also have independent switches which will operate each device, so It is not my devices. The output wires are sending 12 volts, but the relay won't trigger. Are these supposed to be a triggered ground? I could not find any good information on wiring outputs. Thanks 

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With the exception of Aux 5-8 which can do high side on some ECUs, all outputs are low side switching, the 12v you are seeing is a weak pullup on the output while the output is floating and isn't strong enough to trigger a relay.

Have a look at the  'Wiring Information -> Output Wiring -> Auxiliary Output Wiring' section in the help manual.

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