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Idle Control With Drive By Wire Throttle - EJ25


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Hi there,

I've recently installed a DBW throttle system on my Version 8 WRX and I have been having some idle stability problems as of late. The idle tends to overshoot the target idle speed and I'm finding that running an additional amount of proportional gain does not seem to improve the idle stability. I have watched the High Performance Academy webinar on the Idle Control system for the G4+ but I'm all out of ideas for how to improve the idle stability. Please would it be at all possible for you to review the PC log I've taken of a startup and moving the car onto a trailer?

Please feel free to let me know if any additional information is required.

Many thanks,


Idle Control Log.llgx

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Your idle control is not working because your APS is never at zero, it never goes below 1.4%.  Not sure if that is because you havent calibrated it, or if you have your foot resting on the pedal.  You also have no integral gain on the idle actuator so that means you are effectively running in open loop.  Set it to 0.05 is usually a good starting point for e-throttle.

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