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trigger issue


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I have installed the [Yelsha-D, RB20, RB25, RB26 Cam Sensor - 24-1 Trigger Kit] on my BNR32 RB26 and am unable to start the engine.

The installation went fine, the PC is set up and cranking, but the engine will not start.
The ECU is a LINK G4+ Plug-in (for GTR).

While cranking, I checked the status of the ECU and it seems that the upper dead center of the first cylinder is not checked.
The orange number in the attached [cranking] video shows the number of engine cycles, but it remains 0.

I have checked the waveforms during cranking with the trigger scope function and have attached the [cranking signal].
As far as I can see, there seems to be no problem.

With the trigger calibration, I have tried every 10 degrees from -360 to 360, but it does not start.
Occasionally there is an explosion at the -280 degree setting, at which time the timing light blinks.

I am also attaching the BASE MAP and would appreciate it if you could point out where the problem is.

Thank you in advance for your help.


cranking signal.jpg


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