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WRX 1-2 Supply shortage / Shipping delays??


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I put in an order through a local tuner a Link Authorized seller for a WRX 1-2 link ECU and it's been about a month and we haven't heard from Link about shipping date. Are there still huge delays on shipping/creating? It the last piece I need to get the car back on the road.

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I can confirm we are currently out of stock of this particular ecu.  I will have to confirm with the sales guys what the expected lead time is, it says 3-4 weeks on the dealer site but I will check it that is accurate.  

Have you actually ordered the ECU?  It doesnt look like there are any currently on back order so it has probably not been a high priority to get back in stock.

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Great, thank you Vaughan! That is great news I love the support you've given today I can't wait to spend more it getting everything set up. 
Adamw that is fishy I have all my receipts for payment etc all dated July 11th if I recall. I was told to expect about a 1-month delay due to backorder/wait.

Thank you both

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