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trigger issue


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this is on my old i88 - been fine for years.

got caught in a massive rain storm and the main 200amp breaker tripped (bad breaker i believe). eventually got it reset and drove off and parked it. hours later it would not restart. trailered it back to the shop. the crank trigger was not showing any life so I replaced it and the new trigger is showing 4.3v output all the time. 

Also kind of odd - trigger 1 looks like the cam trigger signal and trigger 2 is flat lined at 4.3v.

no fault codes 

i have attached the file and the scope. any ideas?

trigger scope.JPG

cdw968t 08-11-22 r0.pclr

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OK - update, regapped the crank sensor and it is now acting normally on trigger 1 but cam trigger is nonexistent. 

I checked the gap on the cam sensor and its good, perhaps some sort of voltage spike took out both sensors? I have power at the sensor connector but no signal. I have been using Cherry GS100502 for years with out issues. seems weird to have a double failure.

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Pretty easy to test the ecu input.  Pull the trig 2 wire out of the ecu plug.  It should show near 5ish V on the trig scope.  Then poke a paper clip or wire or something into the ecu plug and short trig 2 pin to ground.  It should then show 0ish V on the trig scope. 

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to close the loop on this one - for what ever reason (best guess is that the breaker created some sort of the spike  - but thats a stretch) both of the Cherry Hall effect sensors were fried. I initially thought it was just the crank sensor, after replacing it I had a trigger wheel signal but no cam synch.

everything else is fine, just the 8v powered sensors failed, odd.

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