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Help with Fuel Settings

Chris Jones

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I have a LinkPlus V14 running a Twin Turbo 350 chevy with TPI manifold (LT1) using 60lb injectors.

I am having issues with my fuel settings, the engine stalls when pressing the throttle while cold, it also sometimes stalls when releasing the throttle hot or cold. it is a little bit hard to start sometimes stalls straight away.

Here are my current Fuel Settings.

Can someone please help me work out the correct settings, I am very new to tuning and once the build is finished i will get a professional to tune it but for now i just need to be able to move it around the yard without it dropping cyls or stalling.

I do have a Link V5 tune for the LT1 but these settings are different so I cant just copy the settings. 

Fuel Auxiliary.jpg

Fuel Master.jpg

Fuel Accel.jpg

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Going from 63 to 64 is only about a 1.5% increase in fuel, that should barely be detectable.  Im not sure if that would influence the starting much.  With it idling, if you increase master to say 75, does RPM drop?

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