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Boost control for drag racing


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Bit of a background info:

We ride a street tired drag bike with programmable stock ecu, innovate datalogger and ams-1000 boost controller. Our main concern is to get a proper data logger and while we are at it, why not upgrade the ecu. Currently the Vipec i88 is a strong candidate for the job. It seems to do everything needed and it also has a capable boost controller.

My question is, can we also substitute ams with vipec?

We need a time based boost control, which seems to be completely doable from what I have fiddled with the iVTS. Vipec seems to have completely different approach to boost control than ams (or should I say ams has different approach to ecu's because it's mainly designed for drag racing).

When setting the ams we simply input the target boost table and off we go! No need to know anything about solenoid duty cycles or PID settings.

With Vipec we are at the stage 3 during the launch, because the wanted boost is build before the launch. As the clutch lever is raised the timer starts to count and increase boost as seconds go by. So we can ignore stages 1 and 2?

We also use external pressure vessel to provide pressure to the wastegate. This should simplify the WG DC% table a lot since the available pressure to the wg is constant (or nearly constant)?

If my reasoning is correct vipec should be nearly as easy to handle as ams... eg. If we raise the target maximum boost between rounds the boost behavior should stay the same as before, without touching anything else?

I'm certain that vipec's boost control would work exactly as needed, but we only have limited amount of runs and we try to race, so testing the boost controller for tens of passes is not an option especially when we have ams which does exactly what we want.

After reading what I just wrote, I'm wondering why we are even considering taking out the ams. Main reason is to keep the amount of electrical boxes at minimum.

Any thoughts? Has anyone got experience with vipec and ams together or separately?

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