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r32 gtr plug in, couple of quick q's


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Hi all, im looking to get an r32 gtr plug in, iwas looking to confirm

Do all the plugins have the v88 topboard, if not,, when was the changeover

Do they run 4 or 6 ignition outputs

Is the pickup signal adjustable for if i run a separate crank sensor

if so is it feasable to run a reluctor pickup off the flywheel ringgear or the timing belt pulley?

Am i able to run an ethanol sensor, fuel pressure, oil pressure and egt with a patch loom?

Thank you and hope to be part of the family soon.

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All current units being shipped are on the V88 or you now also have the option of the latest i88 top board.

However if you come across a second hand unit we can check the serial number to confirm if it is V44 or 88.

The V44 based units ran wasted spark with sequential fuel, The V88 or i88 options are full sequential ignition and fuel.

The triggers are full configurable so you can change to a crank trigger. However using the ring gear or any configuration with a lot of teeth would not be a good option as any thing over 60 teeth requires special trigger modes.

To run the extra inputs you will need a match number of free volt inputs on the XS connector you have 2 Di's and 2 volt in puts available.

The Ethanol sensor will use a Di and the rest you are looking at are volt inputs.

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