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Torque management


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I have a V88 and a PCS TCM-2000 for transmission control and am attempting to implement some custom torque management. The TCM-2000 is sending a PWM signal to the ECU on all up and down gear shifts. I have configured the duty cycle to be 0% at idle and 100% (12v) during shift and am attempting to get the V88 to detect the signal via a GP Input. I have tried every possible configuration I can think of but cannot get the V88 to detect the "switch". I have verified that the TCM is working properly with a meter during gear shifts. I would expect the following configuration to work:

Function: GP Input

Switch Type: Toggle

Pullup Resistor: OFF

On Level: High

Active Edge: Rising

I have also used DIs that don't support Active Edge with the same results.

Is there a bug that I am running up against or are my expectations about how the GP Input works wrong?



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