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Setup of several rally features/questions


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Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum, and to vipec. For years I've been running Autronic (and still do in my street car), but recently I sold my old rally car, I mean reamanings of it, and got another one equipped with plugin vipec board

read the manual several times, understood the base things, and loved GUI

several questions I need help with...

1. how do I setup rotational idle on this board?

2. how to setup an external switch for AL? I played with the digital and analog inputs, but didn't understand it much... what wire/pin I have to run where (ground I assume?) and how do I setup it up in the software?

I attached my cal file

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to Vi-pec

As you are new ill check that you are aware of the ability to right click on any function in VTS to bring up the help file on that function.

This is a really good tool and should cover off most things.

Looking at you map I assume you are working with a V5/6 subaru plugin. SO in that case you have a couple of way to connect up to a Di

There is a plug on the board to allow an XS loom to be connected this will give you 2 digital, 2 temp and 2 An volt inputs.

You can also use a Di that is pre-wired to the main header such as the AC request if you are not using AC.

For anti lag you would set the selected Di as a GP input and then set the anti lag to be switched from this input.

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Hi Simon,

I am actually using V7+ plugin which is able to control AVCS

at the moment though, AVCS is not active (hardware-wise) as the motor has non-avcs heads with cam sprockets set to max advance

so all the pins from the stock wire harness are occupied and I have to use something like AC input? It's an option, since it has been removed, however I would have to redo some wiring as the stock Subaru AC switch on my dash is very inconvinient :)

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