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What crank trigger wheel?


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Hi guys – I’m setting up my V88 at the moment and need to get a trigger disc onto the front of the motor. (It’ll go on the centre of the balancer)

What I’m not sure about is choosing a trigger disc – ie 60-2, 24 tooth ect?

Motor is an inline 6cy with cam ref signal. Top end is a later model head with cam posn sensor but the bottom end is earlier model so doesn’t have any built in crank position wheel/sensor, hence I need to add one.

Motor will be spun to 8.5-9k rpm.

The 60-2 wheel available through Vipec has the right dimensions – will that be fine for the job?


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As you have a sync on the cam you can use a even number of teeth with no missing ones.

I would suggest going for 12 or 24 teeth on the crank, this will be plenty of teeth for good timing stability.

The 60-2 is better suited to lower RPM applications

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