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V6 Ecotec OEM Ignition System compatibility w/ Vipec


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Hi guys,

Going to put a Vipec V44 on a V6 Ecotec tow vehicle that is in the process of being turbocharged for a bit more torque/power. I've put Vipecs on Ecotecs in the past and just used Falcon coils and Camry ignitors but this time I would really like to keep the OEM ignition system.

A quick bit of reading suggests that the OEM ignition system consists of a 'DFI module' that has 2 crank signal inputs and combines these into 1 regular square wave crank signal output to the engine ecu. From there the engine ecu determines timing and sends a single timing signal back to the DFI module. The DFI module then acts as a electronic distributor and uses the timing signal to ground either of the 3 transistors for the 3 wasted spark coils according to the firing order.

So, has anybody scoped the timing signal from engine ecu to DFI module (my cheap and nasty scope died)? Is the Vipec capable of replicating this signal?

Cheers, Chris

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We have had mixed success running this configuration.

In theory you can take the trigger signal from the module which is the equivalent of a tooth per TDC. (trigger mode 1 tooth per TDC)

Set the ECU up as distributor mode and connect ignition one to the timing signal. The igniton spark edge will need to be changed to falling.

The negatives are there is no sync so you have to run group fire fuel. And any limits will need to be a fuel cuts as the module will not cut spark if the ECU stops the ignition signal.

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