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G3 Communication problem


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On 11/14/2022 at 8:06 PM, Adamw said:

What does windows device manager show in the comports section - any yellow exclamation marks in there?

Strangely nothing Andrew. I believe I have a solution now, as I raided the ancient Toshiba for the "Holy Grail Hitachi" Hard Drive with my precious tune and drivers on it, for my old G3. I bought a flash drive and a HDD enclosure for the SATA drive from the 2009 Toshiba. Put Windows 7 in the new laptop and downloaded from the old HDD onto the new laptop and flash drive. I am pretty chuffed I got that far! Hopefully it will just connect as well as it always had. I want to update to G4 before I put the car back into use. 

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The G3 drivers havent been updated since 2007 so I suspect probably a windows update has prevented them from running due to a more recently discovered security risk or similar.  

Try installing the drivers attached below and check if the yellow exclamation marks disappear.  To install these first check if you have 32bit or 64bit windows.  Then extract the files from the zip folder, double click on the *Install_x64.exe file if you have 64bit windows, or *Install_x86.exe if you have 32bit.  

Link USB Drivers.zip

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I tried today and found a 32 bit Link ecu in the Task Manager program alive and trying connect. I intend getting rid of all other apps on this tiny laptop, just so I can get good comms with my old ecu and all my days of work in it. Is my Old Dear G3 , still  able to deliver it's existing tune so I can update into a new Link or G4 platform, please? The tune was made from scratch with zero parameters. Thank you for your interest.


Screenshot 2022-11-22 183300.png

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