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Using a pulsed & solid output for Oil Temp/Pressure Status


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I'm considering trying to have something similar to the following:

Oil Pressure low - output on solid
Oil temperature low or high - output "pulsing" (slowly when under temperature, quicker when over temperature)

I've managed to get the 2nd part (which I thought was probably the hardest!) working, using the following:


(Ignore the actual values, I'll of course make these more sensible once I get it working)


And the first part works with this GP RPM Limit 1 table values and Virtual Aux configuration:


I found that with ignition on, but engine off, the Limit isn't "Active", so also need a static low limit for the output to be on solid prior to cranking.


So - if I wanted only one of the two things, then I think what I've got above would work well enough for either one individually.


But, the fun comes (and where my abilities ends?) in trying to combine both together into a single output to the light in the dash...

If anyone can help me here and provide suggestions, then that would be appreciated! Or, if someone can tell me that this will never work, then that's useful too, and I'll re-evaluate my theory about how to use this output :)

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If I remove my thought of having two separate output styles for under temperature and over temperature, then I've found a way to make it work kind of as expected, in that I can have a solid output if I have a Pressure issue, and a pulsing output if I have a Temperature issue.



Obviously, the actual values will vary and these are just examples - these haven't been used on a vehicle yet.


I had to shuffle some Virtual Aux around as only 1-3 are available for use as an axes parameter for a table. I guess there's no chance we'll ever get an update to allow the use of VA4-8 for this purpose?


Is there a way to get a Timer to constantly repeat without doing what I'm doing with Virtual Aux 5? I found this concept in another thread here on the forum.

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