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identify my ecu

marko r1

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Hi there,

I have a vipec in my r32gtr, however, im not sure what version it is...I had a look at the ecu itself and it still retains the factory casing.

What is the easiest way to identify if its a v44 for example? I do have the usb running off the ecu so can I simply just plug this into my laptop?

Once I can identify the serial number, I csn then have full access to this forum as I am currently limited as a guest.



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Hi Marko,

download the current version of VTS 4.9.9 from the ViPEC website.

Connect to the ecu with your laptop and go online with the software.

Once online go across the top of the screen and click on the HELP tab,

Scroll down to ECU INFORMATION and click on that.

It will give you all the information you require.

ECU Serial number, firmware version etc.

Let us know if you have any issues connecting etc.



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Sorry, should have mentioned that its out of its case, and I am not able to plug it into the car at this stage. A few of these are coming up for sale on the forum lately and it would be good to know how to recognise them, thanks

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Hi Adriano,

A general guideline is that on the V44 based ECUs the tuning connector (white) is on the under-side of the top-board. On The V88 based ECUs the tuning connector (white) is on the top side of the top-board.

This only applies for the V-series however, as on the i88 based ECUs the white tuning connector has gone back to the bottom side of the top-board.


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