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RX7 G4+ vs G4X (is it worth the upgrade)


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Blackfriday sale is here. 

So is the G4X a worthwhile ecu upgrade over the g4+?

Im on the g4+ and it for me works for me on my platform rx7 series 6. Are there any drawbacks from upgrading or moving to the g4x? Any software features which have been removed or glitchy etc?

Pros and cons welcomed. If i do get a good enough deal i am seriously thinking of upgrading to the x...but want to make sure im not just paying for marketing etc? 

Are there more analogue and digital inputs on the x?


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This free video from Evans Performance Academy gives a good rundown comparing the G4+ and G4X, should help inform your decision.


I'm also running a single turbo modified S6 FD on a G4+, and personally if I didn't have so many other things I needed to spend cash on to finish my FD, upgrading the G4+ to a G4X would be a no brainer. As you'll see in the Evans video, the additional processing speed basically improves everything the ECU does when compared to the G4+. G4X brings in a number of new features such as long term trims and custom programming flexibility with math channels too. As far as input/output support, I'm pretty sure they are the same between G4+ and G4X within the same model family, i.e., a G4+ Fury and G4X Fury will have the same number and types of I/O and use the same connectors/pin-outs. Which is great because it means you won't have to rewire your car to upgrade to a G4X.

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Thanks, i've watched that video a long time ago. Will need to refresh memory. Hopefully its not just a marketing gimmick and the x is worth the additional improvements. Hoping to take advantage of the black friday deals and upgrade. Not having to rewire the entire car is ideal. Would prefer to plug in the new ecu and calibrate everything to suit. 

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