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Subaru BG5C GTB Twin Turbo


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15 hours ago, Tnak004 said:

Subaru parallel sequential turbo

Not sure what you mean here, really it has to be either parallel or Sequential - not both.

Parallel is where both turbos run all the time (typically both the same size), this is just like controlling a single turbo.  Sequential is where you have all air & exhaust going through only one turbo until some load/pressure/RPM threshold is met, then the 2nd turbo is blended in - sometimes the 1st turbo is blended out at the same time.  Usually one turbo is smaller than the other.  This type of system is much more complex with several valves/flaps in intake and exhaust manifolds to control as well as separate wastegate controls on each turbo.   I would say too difficult for the average enthusiast.  

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