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No spark during cranking


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Hi there 


Im a complete noob to this so bare with me 

20V silvertop 4age , in a lotus 7 

Have uploaded the 20v 4age basemap and configured everything to the car as some stuff inst quite the factory way eg different sensors.

Calibirated TPS and MAP


Tested all the outputs , water temp and IAT show around what i would expect.


I have no fuel system as yet so was trying see set the base timing to match the crank.


Runnning factory ignitor and coil , ignition test in software works fine.


under cranking i see no spark untill i stop cranking then then i get a few as its stopping 


Im getting around 10V at cranking , Is this too low ? the ecu stays on and is logging rpm when i look at the ecu stats  but it will only sporadically show rpm cranking so im guessing something there. Ive checked the dizzy is connected as per the link diagram

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Hi Adam, Thanks for the speedy reply. 

after taking a break and having a fresh go over this morning.

Found I had been looking at the diagram for the dizzy upside down , After swapping my ground and trigger pin around I managed to get trigger sync and rpm showing with. this allowed me to get my ignition timing set and managed to get it to fire off on some brake clean.

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