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Trying to connect my link g4+ xtreme to my  powertunedigital display and having trouble with the can not sending it any data. These are the faults I have and testing the volt on the low and hi pin outs I am getting 2.47 steady on both. Cheers


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The ECU has to stop broadcasting messages when the transmit error counter reaches 255, this will give the "Bus off" error.  So that explains why no data, but that is not the root cause of the problem.  As Confuse suggests you likely have a wiring or set up issue.  

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I have tried both reversing the wiring on the can connection and i have taken readings directly from the pins on the board and i am still getting the same 2.5v reading. could this be because of the error counter reaching 255? i have the bitrate set to 1mbp/s on the powertunedigital display which should match the link. cheers

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