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Few questions before I take the plunge


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As I've got a large rewiring project ahead of me I'm considering adding a Razor as a way of doing away with alot of the factory relays and fuses but I need a few things clarifying


I'm installing an electro hydraulic power steering pump which runs a 50amp fuse.  I'm assuming this is probably rated so high to cope with the inrush.  However, if it turned out I needed more than the 25amp of the high current outputs can they be doubled up like the smaller outputs?


I'll be coupling this with a plug and play g4x.  Can you assign outputs in the g4x to directly switch items on the Razor? For example assign the fuel pump, rad fan or in my above example power steering pump directly to items wired to the Razor?


From what I can tell the Razor has combined inputs/outputs meaning if you're using something as an input it can be used as an output.  Can something like an ecumaster can expansion board be used to save the Razor's pins to be saved as outputs?  I'm thinking if I used one to run the lighting circuits I would need to run the steering wheel stalks either into the ecu as DI/analogue inputs or into a can module with the lights being ran from the Razor.


Thanks for everyone's input.

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1. Yes you can parallel outputs to get more current. For the steering I would personally just use one big conventional fuse. 

2. of course thats exactly what the Link PDM is meant to do. Just select CAN Aux x as an output in PC Link and assign it in PDM LINK. The PDM-G4X CAn template has all the communication preset. 

3. correct if you use a pin as an input, you "lose" one output. I would anyway recommend to feed in all controlls thorug CAN, where possible. The Link CAN Keypad just do that. 

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 The power steering pump may just stay the way it is as all of its control Is done through its own built in ecu but is nice to have the option.


I'm trying to stay away from can keypads as I'm wanting the interior to look as original as possible but there is options to do what I want( although will require a bit more work to setup from me)

Thanks again for answering so quickly.

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