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bit of help please, V88 & AIM dash


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Hi, please excuse my ignorance, new to aftermarket management.

Ive just purchased a Vi-pec V88, and also an AIM mxl strada dash, im trying to gather all the parts im going to need before i start assembly, so got a few questions I hope you can help with.

connecting v88 to AIM, both seem to have CAN, is the best way using CANDASH lead? Its also stated that the CANDASH cannot be used whilst the CANUSB is connected, does this mean whilst connected to laptop for mapping the dash would not work or infact any other connections?

Sensors & inputs, am i best to have all the inputs from engine including crank, cam, cts, map, tps, iat, wideband, egt x4, wheelspeed, oil pressure, oil temp, fuel pressure. (any others?) or should some feed direct to dash?

Vipec advise connecting to ecu, aim advise connecting to dash and then feeding the data to the other device via CAN.

Should mention the car is for drag race use, engine is a vauxhall z20let 2ltr turbo.

sorry to throw so many questions at once, Id really like to get my head round this and and do most of it myself.


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With the V88 ECU, if the serial number is greater than 10,000 it will have CAN. You could use CAN or Serial for communication to the dash, CAN gives you more flexibility as you can choose which parameters to send.

On the V88 the top connector is the tuning connector, the connector under this one is for CAN and Serial. While the USB cable is connected to the tuning port there can not be anything connected to the serial pins of the CAN/Serial port. This is because you can also use serial for tuning the ECU, and so anything connected to the CAN/Serial ports serial pins leads to interference which prevents normal USB tuning working. I would recommend using one of our CAN-F connectors, then running a twisted pair CAN bus to the dash.

You should run all sensors most important for engine operation to the ECU, and any others could be ran to the dash. I would run all the sensors possible to the ECU, from your list if I had to prioritise I would connect EGTs and wheelspeeds to the dash. The V88 ECU is only capable of receiving a small amount of parameters over CAN, where as it can send a much larger amount. Also, the ECU is the one that needs the signals to make calculations, the dash just displays them. You will find this is how just about all factory ECU/dash systems are configured.


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Also is it possible and safe to power up the ecu without installing it to a car, id like to benchtest and have most setting and parameters in place and connection to my AIM dash setup before its installed in the car, and also obtain my ecu serial number for full access on the forum.

Im guessing its a matter of +12v to the red and -12v to the blacks?


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Hi heds,

yes 12 volts + to pins A5 and B5 and connect the black ground wires A25 and A34, B25 and B34 to 12 volts negative.

Before you power up your unit, cut the ends of the remaining harness wires off.

The ends of the remaining loom wires are normally stripped back exposing the copper core.

It is not advisable to power the ECU with these wires exposed as there is a very good chance of wires shorting to each other.



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