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Using a PNP ecu as a universal wire in?


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Yep, that's pretty much what I've done with my 6A13TT engine in my Ford Anglia with an Evo 1-3 ECU.

You'll have to adhere to any limitations on the board, such as on the Evo 1-3 Ignition 4 is used for ECU Hold Power (to keep the ECU powered after turning off the engine, so that the Idle Speed Control stepper motor can reset itself to the start-up position), so I couldn't use sequential ignition.

But other than that, and if it's got enough inputs & outputs available between the main connector and the expansion ports to do what you want, it's potentially a cheaper way of getting going. Although it's based upon an Xtreme, the number of inputs & outputs made available vary based upon the target chassis, which is the main difference between the models and why there are price differences between the Plug-In models.

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