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ka24de-T MonsoonX ignition issue


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Hello all,

I got a MonsoonX G4X ecu recently for my KA24de-T but I'm having an ignition issue. I don't get any spark when cranking. This is my first standalone but I'm slowly learning it.

It's a s13 Ka24de with the dizzy. I get a trigger signal but no spark.

I have the Link ign1 wire going to pin1-ignition on the ECU pinout. And for the dizzy, I have the ground on my shield/ground on the link.

In the PCLink my trigger setup is:
Trigger Mode: Nissan 360 Opto with Distributor

Trigger1: Optical/Hall

Trig1 pullup: ON

Trig1 Edge: Rising

Trig2: Optical/Hall

Trig2 pullup: ON

Trig2 Edge: All

TriggerOffset: 0

Ref. timing: 20

I checked with a voltmeter and I am getting 12v to the distributor and the ignition coil to the distributor. I also get a trigger signal but maybe my settings are wrong for it? I attached my triggerscope log. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You have patches of "teeth" missing from the trigger signal.  I have seen this before with other Nissan CAS, but im not 100% sure what causes it.  In one case we found the battery voltage reaching the 12V pin at the CAS was very low during cranking and running a new 12V supply solved that one but im not sure that is always the cause.  

If you look at a log of it cranking, what does the battery voltage reported in the ecu log look like?  

We dont get KA engines over here so it is not one im very familiar with, does the distributor in these have the coil built in or is it a separate coil with an HT lead to dizzy cap?



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Sorry for the late reply, I decided to get rid of the distributor setup and get K20 coilpacks. I also changed the trigger wheel to the 24 tooth AEM wheel.

While trying to get the distributor to work, with a voltmeter and in PCLink, the voltage didn't drop from cranking. The setup for ours is a separate coil with a lead to the cap, and I checked this too and it didn't drop. I figured with the K20 coils it would be a lot easier to figure out and manage, so I just ditched the distributor.

I haven't finished installing and testing it, but I will update this post with the K20 ign coils once they are running.

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12 hours ago, caleb9 said:

with a voltmeter and in PCLink, the voltage didn't drop from cranking

Most digital voltmeters average over about a 500ms time period, so way too slow to see the short spikes of low voltage that occur during cranking.  

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