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Engine Won't Turn Off (G4+ XTREME)


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When I turn the ignition switch form Run to Off the engine continues to run and the ECU Battery Voltage / Aux9/10 Supply drops from ~14.45V to ~9.8V I measure no voltage from the ignition switch to the Main Relay. I even tried pulling the Main Relay and she keeps on running. I'm having to pull the relay for Ignition & Injection to kill the engine or disconnect the Fuel Pump. I followed the recommended wiring schematics using Aux8 for E-Throttle Relay (Polarity Low, Driver Type Low Side) and Aux4 for Fuel Pump (Polarity Low).

The relays seem to work properly when the engine isn't running. Turing the key form Off to Run energizes and latches the Main Relay feeding power to three separate relays (E-throttle, Ignition/Injection, & Fuel Pump) The Fuel Pump relay latches for the expected 3 second prime then unlatches as it should. E-throttle functions properly and when I turn the key from Run to Off all relays unlatch, ECU turns off, and PC Link switches from Online to Searching...

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

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That mostly looks ok.  What ecu do you have, and what else is connected to auxes?

ah just noticed the topic says xtreme.  I suspect it could be the injector drives since that ecu has p&h drives, but still would like to confirm what else is connected to auxes.  

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I have struck this problem a few time one some cars I have wired too.

What I would do on your diagram to fix it is,

Where you have the ign switch only supplying power to terminal 86 on the main relay,

and terminal 86 on the other two relays fed from the output of the main relay,


I would have the ignition switch switch power to terminal 86 on all 3 relays, and the ouput from the main relay only feeding the +14V on the ECU and connected to nothing else.

I have found this way also prevents the issue and depending on the way your loom is made may be an easier option to modify.

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