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Tacho to show defined value


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Thanks for the quick reply.

I used a timer for the switch logic so that it would activate for 1 second, then deactivate. What i found however is it seems being an r33 gtr, their hicas light must linked up to the wiring somehow, and flashes on and off during this instance. Decided i wouldn't try further as it was only an idea out of curiosity for a visual for boost levels when a boost switch is added in the future.

Setting the gp pwm 1 as aux 4, removes the tacho from the aux and switches it out, meaning it would lose normal rpm gauge function? Didn't test much into it.

I assume i might be able to set it up similar to how i set up my check engine light, where i use a virtual aux and its function within the ecu (in this case; Tacho) that way it will be able to be used how i intend.

Any inputs on the setup would be much appreciated.




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