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Using a G4X to "tune" a G4+ fuel table


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I've recently picked up a G4X, as well as having my existing G4+.

I was wondering if I could make use of the some of the advanced features of the G4X, such as long-term Closed Loop Lambda, to improve my G4+'s tune.

If I were to use Modelled Mode, enter the same injector data, target lambda, charge temp approximation etc, could I run the G4X in the vehicle, flesh out the fuelling table, then apply this to the G4+ and have a reasonable result?

I appreciate things like warmup, throttle transients, wall wetting etc may not translate, but the raw fuelling table - would that be close enough?

Or, does the G4X calculate fuelling fundamentially differently to the G4+, and I'd be wasting my time, and it'd be better to just stick with doing it the "normal way" in the G4+ with logs + Mixture Map?

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