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AIM MXL + Link G4x Sequential


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Hello, I have a Juno CN09 with a k20 engine and a newland sequential box, a G4X Xtreme box and an AIM MXL dashboard.
The car is soon settled and I want to put my engaged gears on my Dashboard as well as my oil pressure in Bar, but unfortunately I can't. Does anyone know how to do this via the box? the Dash and the Link communicate in CAN

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Is this an actual MXL, or an MXL 2? Those are out of production, Aim's latest RS3 doesn't even acknowledge them, so make sure not to update.

That being said, at least on the MXL2 and Link's G4 CAN stream, oil pressure and gear position are included, just make sure oil pressure is set to BAR, both in the Link and AIM. I think on some of the older dashes theres only one place it'll allow you to put the gear indicator. I know because I'm typically doing a calculated gear off GPS speed and RPM, but again, it's been a few years since I've used an MXL.

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There was a bug in Aims setup for the "Link G4" stream in the old MXL that prevented oil pressure from working.   If you change the ECU manufacturer to "Vipec" and the ECU model to "CAN_BUS_BASE_LCC then oil press should work.

As far as I know the gear display should work ok (possibly not R or N gears but I cant remember).  Is the displayed gear working correctly in the ecu software?

The gear sensor set up for the dash should only need the "ecu" button selected as below.


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