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E36X CAN2 - 14V Output Limit?


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I am finishing up integration of my E36X and am looking to add a CAN EGT module. The thermocouple ADC module will be of my own custom design and will not draw over 100mA. Can I use the 14V and GND pins on the 5-pin CAN2 connector for power and data, or do I need to use an external source?

I am not using the 5V reference supply pin on the Expansion connector for anything. What is the max output current for that pin, and would it be suitable for powering my CAN EGT module?

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Power supply voltage of the transceiver is irrelevant, it is only the output that is important.  

CAN is defined by a range of standards, for example  ISO 11898-2 for high speed CAN states that the transceivers must operate with a common-mode point between -2V to 7V and the dominant state must have greater than 0.9V differential between H & L.  All CAN transceivers should be capable of meeting these standards otherwise you couldnt call it a CAN transceiver. 

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