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Group N style antilag and power brakes.


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Hey all G4X PnP for evo 9. As the topic states im looking for some information on how guys are setting up antilag with power brakes. Iv been looking into getting a vacuum pump that will operate only while antilag is on and working. The pump im looking into is advertised to pull 20" vacuum and is advertised to be used as a power brake vacuum unit. With that said does this sound like a sufficient means of keeping the power brakes operable? Or will and should i also add a vacuum canister with it. Next question is check valves. I was planning on "T" fitting into the main vac line between main check valve and booster and then adding another check valve between "T" and vac pump. But with the vac pump operating with antilag on and no vacuum in the manifold will the vacuum from the pump try and pull open the primary check valve and then be a leak somehow? Let me know if anyone has any input on this Thanks!!!!

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18 hours ago, Adamw said:

I would think something like below.  You wont need a check valve between the reservoir and booster.  Most likely you will want a hobbs switch or press sensor in the reservoir as well so the pump only runs when it needs to.  


Hey Adam thanks for the input. Kinda funny, I started thinking about it yesterday and I actually drew a picture that ended up looking identical to the picture you posted. Im going to set up my vac pump on a T and then just have two simple open close valves that i can change the source of vacuum to the booster.Also thought of using a 2 or 3 way ball valve so i can accomplish the change with only one valve but i havent found a part that i figure will work as needed yet. Either way i think this method will work as needed  thanks again!!

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