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Idle valve problem


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Idle solenoid



I have set up the idle control valve in my car using the AUX 8 on my link g4+ Storm.

The idle valve is the ford version like the image.

After selecting on the PClink on the AUX 8 ISC solenoid with 100 hz of frequency I went to idle speed control menu 

 I chose open loop sol/stepper unipolar (6 terminal).

The solenoid has only 2 terminals, I have also added a diode between both terminals on the solenoid side.

The solenoid is mounted on the chassis. When I’m switching the ignition on it does make a noise as long as the fuel pump is priming, is it normal? 

The fuel pump does prime before the engine starts but why is the idle solenoid also doing it?

I probably did something wrong, could anyone tell me if I have done any step wrong on my installation?

Thanks in advance


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14 hours ago, Adamw said:

Is the 12V supply from an ignition switched source?

Yes, it is powered by the PMU once the ignition is on, it also powers up the ethanol content sensor(it is not connected yet)

I will remove the diode and do the PWM test on Saturday will let you know the results.



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I did the PWM test and it does work fine, as you can hear on the videos the idle valve is priming as the fuel pump when the ignition is on.

The diode was removed before the videos, it does actually the same with and without diode.

 The fuel pump stops just before the idle valve. 





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I would say you have something funny going on with the main power supply to the ECU (pin A5), possibly missing altogether or maybe just delayed (ie goes live sometime after the idle valve power supply).  The buzzing is due to having 12V on the idle valve coil when the ecu is not powered up - the ecu is only powering up due to 12V flowing into aux 8 from the idle valve supply.  When the buzzing stops is likely when the ecu is actually getting its proper power supply on A5.   

So you need to look at that A5 supply circuit, I guess it could be a delay setting on the PDM output, or there is something weird about the wiring to pin A5.  

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If there is only positive going through the valve before the ecu is powered up it should make a single  “click” noise, depending on the frequency  written on the ecu the noise changes so it means then the ecu has got power and it is activating the idle valve. Also the engine starts and the fuel pump is priming at the same time as the idle valve is making the noise before I start the engine..


The Idle valve and the ecu have a different power feed but same time activation. I haven’t adjusted the idle control yet in case the ecu gets damaged. I have tried once to start the engine with the idle valve activated and connected and it seems to work, when the engine is running I can hear it working.


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The ECU doesnt activate the idle valve aux until the engine is doing over 400RPM.  At least it doesnt in al the firmwares im familiar with.  You are running a very old firmware so it wouldnt hurt to update that to the latest.  

  If you unplug all devices connected to aux outputs, does the blue led come on instantly when you switch on ign?

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