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Suzuki Swift VTC slow synchronization


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Hi guys,

I have a  Suzuki Swift VTC (M16A) with fury g4x.

I use settings from the manual and i am suffering with slow starting.With stock ecu starts regulary.

I have noticed trigger 2 has slow synchronization.

What can i do to start up like as before ?

Take a look from triggerScope and log during cranking.


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The trigger scope shows it has synced within 1 crank revolution.  In the "slow start" PC log it appears the USB comms has dropped out during cranking so that doesnt give any indication of how long sync took.  Can you do a ECU log with RPM, batt voltage, dwell and inj PW logged so we can get a better idea of how long it takes to sync.  You may never get it as good as the factory ecu and they possibly use both cam and crank together to sync within 180deg crank rotation, link will need 360deg.   

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