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I want to control DCCD by Vipec

I want that one Axe to be analog input from G sensor( it's can be done) and second axe to be calculated difference between front and rear axel speed!( I think it's impossible to do currently)

I think it will be very useful if we( users) can set calculated parametr as axel in GP pwm table or any other table.

Also let's discuss how we can realize rolling launch?

Basicly it's speed limiter and as soon as we activate it Ecu have to catch current speed and activate IGN cut to build boost.

Or second variant - rmp limiter with the same logic.

I have tryied to realize this on current firmware but always have the same problem - car always want to increase speed sue to fact I have set target lauch rpm to 5500 and ignition start cut rmp to 4000. I know that if I increase % of ign cut I can hold desired rpm but I don't think it's right.

Also I want to have separate normal lauch and rolling launch which can be activated through different DI's.

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Hi Piar,

We have some plans to implement some functionality in the future which allows calculation of parameters but this will not be in the near future due to higher priority commitments.

We are also working on addition functionality in the area of launch control.

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There´s trigger scope function in i88. Any chance to add trigger scope function as part of a logging feature. Would be a good feature to trace trigger issues since misfire can also cause trigger error though having nothing to do with real trigger issues.

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