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Question regarding PINs for Toyota MR2 V2-3 & Celica (ST205)


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I have a question for my LinkG4+ ECU for Toyota MR2 V2-3 & Celica (ST205).

I am not a pro and not english native speaker, sorry if I am a bit clumsy in my wording. I am asking for my mechanic who has never worked with Link ECU who sent me this question:

For pins 9, 10, 22 and 23 have cables coming from the original wiring harness. According to the Link ECU manual, pin 9 is supposed to be empty. Should this wire be unplugged or kept as is? 

Pins 10 is Trig 1, Pin 22 is Trig 2 and 23 is ground. Should cables coming into pin 10, 22, 23 be kept as is?


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Thanks for this. This is very helpful.

We received the ECU without the loom for the expansion ports. I am not sure if this was supposed to be included in the package or not. Is it possible to buy this again? 

EDIT: assuming it is this one? https://dealers.linkecu.com/XSL_2 
Thank you! 

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The expansion loom is not supplied with the ecu, it is an optional extra.  Really the dealer should have asked what your plans were and advised the parts you needed at the time of purchase.  

Yes the "XSL_2" that you have linked is the item im suggesting.

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Hi Adam,

Don't get me started about my dealer. When this is all done and dusted, I would love to have a word with LINK and share the experience I had with my local dealer as their pre and after-sales support was/is sub-par to say the least. Maybe interesting for LINK management to know.

Bottom line, I had to pull my project car out of the dealer/mechanic shop and hand it over to a new guy who now has the ungreatful job of picking up the pieces. You can probably emphasize how difficult it is for a mechanic to take over a half finished project car. On top of that, he has never worked with a LINK ECU before. And he doesn't speak any English, so I am the one translating his requests. I am very glad I get good support here at least. :) 

Allow me to ask a few more questions please:
1) Can I buy parts directly from your website or do I have to go through a dealership in my country? 
2) My mechanic advised to add an exhaust temp sensor. Can you suggest the parts required from Link and advise on how to wire it to the ECU?
3) My mechanic needs a wiring plan on how to wire the Boost Control Solenoid into the ECU

On top of this, what I will do, I will have my mechanic phone a few local LINK dealers in my country as well. But after the bad experience I am a bit cautious with so called "professionals" and rather rely on my own research as well. I understand how difficult it is to explain things through a forum. But in the meantime, thank you very much for your help!

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  1. You can only buy Link items via a dealer.
  2. You would need and EGT amplifier and a K type EGT thermocouple.  There are a huge range of different options but since you are in europe I would suggest the Texsense kit (amp and T/C), their amplifier is nice and small and reliable:  https://www.texense.com/en/egt-kit-121.html
  3. Is your car not originally a turbo model?  The turbo models already have a boost solenoid from factory so the wiring is already there.
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